The Benefits Of Playing An Open Mic

Anyone Can Do It


The best thing with open mics, they have very low standards when it comes to someone’s talent. They let me play, so believe I know. As long as you’re not (extremely) offensive, they will give you a certain amount of time to shine. I rap, so I’ve gotten use to being the odd one out. Instead of bringing an acoustic guitar onstage, I connect my Iphone to the mixer and let my songs play. And it’s been awesome because everyone is always super friendly and open-minded.


Meeting New People


Artists who do open mics always seem to be really humble and are there cause they genuinely love playing music. From comedians to middle-aged workers, everyone has a talent to share. And they’re the guys sitting at the bar next to you after everyone’s done playing. It’s also a great way to network with other musicians and make new fans. I plan on bringing my RAKIDO cd’s next time and asking for donations for them.


If You Make A Mistake Up There, So What ?


A musician should always spend endless hours perfecting their performance. But no matter how much we practice, we are human and have a tendency to make mistakes. With open mics, the atmosphere is always low key, so when I’ve stumbled, it’s really easy to smile and just laugh it off. There’s been numerous times when Im spitting a verse and BAM! I forgot what I was gonna say. Obviously, I was disappointed in the mistakes, but I know I can go again next week and have another shot at it.


 Stage Time, And It Just Feels Good!


The more stage time an artists get, the more confidence we build. And ultimately performing in front of people is what we do it for.


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