Song Analysis – Mase “Feels So Good”

I remember being 12 years old and listening to Mase’s Harlem World, thinking this Bad Boy Records is the coolest ever. Honestly, one of the most influential cds in my life. My nickname “Rockonova” came from excessively listening to these tracks. The single, Feels So Good, introduced us to Puff Daddy’s shiny suit jacket sidekick, Ma$e. No longer called Murda Mase, he went on to sign to Bad Boy Records.


From the trumpet intro accompanied by Puff Daddy talking smack, the song grabs you right away. The original sample is Kool & The Gang’s “Hollywood Swinging” and the track was produced by D-Dot and Puff Daddy. I know most people hate on such a blatant sample, but this track does what it’s suppose to do, which is to get girls dancing at the club. The bass riff played by Andre Beeka really adds to that groove that makes the whole song.


With a hook interpolated from Miami’s Sound Machine “Bad Boy”, the track is just a feel good track made for the clubs. With verses swaggin it out, Ma$e’s flow is perfect for when you’re on the dancefloor just trying to grind up some girls.

Do Mase got the ladies?
Do Puff drive Mercedes?
Take hits from the 80’s?
But do it sound so crazy?


A great hook makes everything. And a great groove completes the song. So combining two of these elements from two already great songs makes for one awesome song! Before Mase became Father Mason, the dude was the king of swagger and that slow lyrical drawl. If you want a good blueprint for a lead single, look no further than this song.



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