Why A Digital Audio Workstation Is The Best Place To Learn How To Make Music


At their most basic, DAWS are all essentially the same. They are made up of a rack and a sequencer. With some basic music theory knowledge, which an artist can learn from the DAWS themselves, an artist can easily apply what he’s learned and start writing his songs. There are countless YOUTUBE videos explaining everything from how to change your kickdrum to tweaking the synth sounds that an artist can learn from.  Once an artist learns the basics, the possibilities are endless.

Easy To Explain and Email

When an artist decides to collaborate with another artist, using a DAW to explain their musical ideas is to easiest and most effective way to do it. Files are relatively small and easy to transport, whether through a USB flash drive or email. Changing a part of a song is as easy moving the blocks on a sequencer or instruments on a rack.

You Can Do It Anywhere, Anytime

Whatever your schedule is and wherever inspiration hits you, as long as you have a laptop, you can create. It can be 3 in the afternoon at a library or 5 in the morning in Barbados, and your DAW will there be waiting for you to create. With how easy it is to save past ideas, you can even visit past songs and finish them. Working on a DAW helps you to make no excuses and do what needs to be done, which is writing songs.

what do you think is the best place to learn music from?


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