How Having A Good Posture Can Help Your Singing



Good posture helps improve breathing.   It is a fact that our brains require 20% of oxygen in order to get the job done. To support the notes you are singing, having a good posture really helps. Breathing allows the ribs and the diaphragm to expand properly. it gives you a really solid foundation.


As an artist, we use our body as our instrument. If you want to look smarter and more confident in your performance, work on having a good strong posture. It does a really good job of helping you feel better about your self-image. Your body position isn’t a distraction to the audience.  Standing up straight, people will respect and respond with their attention.

Quick Checklist

Is your spine straight?
Are your shoulders relaxed?
Are both of your feet and on the street?

Have you practiced good posture while singing today?


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