Song Analysis – Lisa Loeb “Stay”


I remember being like 10 and this song coming on VH1 and me thinking, “this is a great song!” It was always so calming and hypnotic at the same time. Lisa Loeb’s voice just has that power to softly draw you in. Definitely a staple of the 90’s pop music scene.

Song Structure

This song employs the verse verse bridge verse structure. Which you don’t really see too much of anymore nowadays in the billboard charts. Starting with a soft and warm guitar intro, the confused mood it sets is carried throughout the entire song. What really drives everything forward is the melody she sings during the “You say….” part. The basic pop-rock beat furthermore drives the calm, confused, coffeehouse feel of the song.


The verses do a really good job of answering the questions raised by the title, Stay. She uses really strong images to let us see the arguments between her main character and her lover. She wants to go and he wants her to stay. My favorite lines are when she compares the song on the radio to what happened between them.

What To Learn From This

Sometimes a simple VVBV structure can work really well. Especially if it has strong image driven verses that connect well with the title.


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