4 Steps To Being More Creative

We all yearn to be creative. But sometimes we find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward. What is the easiest way to get going again?

Have A Finish Line

Always know what you want. Ask yourself, “what is it that I really want to accomplish?” And this is the time to really let yourself go. Always dream big!

Examine Your Next Moves

Now ask yourself what are the next logical steps I can take to get me closer to what I want. Are there steps that would make more sense NOW?

Take Action

This is where you take all the steps you listed out. And you do it.

Analyze What Happened

Sometimes our plan works and sometimes it doesn’t. If it did work, then give yourself props. If it did not, then go back, examine your moves until it does work.

And that’s really it. Just wash, rinse, repeat to your heart’s desire.




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