Making A Creative Space For Your Songwriting

Sitting down and working on your music is the most important thing you can do. Anything and everything you can do to facilitate that ability is of the upmost importance. Now where exactly can you record your ideas? There’s plenty of different methods.

Your Phone

Everybody has a Iphone or an Android (or whatever) these days. And it should have come up with a voice recording app. If a melody pops in your head, go find a quiet room or go inside your car, and let her rip. Also, every modern phone has a Notes app, which is perfect for jotting down ideas for lyrics.

A Table And A Chair

Any table and any chair can be a space to create your masterpieces at. When you’re trying to make a song, focus is everything. There is just something about tables in the park made out of steel, or they’re wooden counterparts, that inspires creativity.

A Computer

Whether it’s Garageband, Reason, Pro Tools, Fruity Loops or a free DAW that you’ve downloaded off the internet, there is always something you can do with your computer. From writing lyrics to watching youtube videos to reading articles, there’s a million ways a computer to help light that spark. In fact, all these EDM artists today have proven that your computer is your best friend. Make sure to save everything after you’re done.

 Your Head

And if you are stuck with nowhere to write or work on, there is always one thing that is with you. Your head. Unless of course you got decapitated. But if that’s the case, then you have other problems right now. Otherwise, look at someone like Jay Z. He has championed the method of never writing any lyrics down. What people don’t see is how much time he’s spent on just rapping, anywhere and everywhere. That dude is always creative and look where he is now.

Tell me where is your favorite space to record melodies and come up with lyrics on the fly?


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