How To Be Mentally Stronger Under The Spotlight

I was watching the Ultimate Fighter Finale and I gotta give props to Kelvin Gastellum. The underdog came to win and completely brought it when it was time to get it done. Props to Uriah Hall too, but Kelvin did exactly what he set out to do. Which is to not be afraid of his opponent, who he’s been hyped to hell and back, and ultimately win the tournament.

For most musicians, performing in front of people is a big reason why we do this. Why we spend hours, days, years perfecting our craft. Why we go through all the mental turmoil that only we know. Now how can a person be sure to be at their best when it times to perform.

(1) Spend time visualizing an AMAZING performance

(2) Develop your “inner” coach. Whenever you find yourself criticizing your work, tell that voice to shut up and say, “IM AWESOME!!!! I’VE GOT THIS!”

(3) About 2 – 3 days before performance, ignore the critics. While I do agree that it’s important to spend time analyzing what people are saying about you, when it’s days before showtime, you have to realize you are ready NOW!

(4) Take a deep breath before and during your set. You’ve got this, DAMNIT!

(5) Practice, Practice, Practice. Yup. Sometimes you just have to shut up and get the work done. Simple as that.



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