What Kim Jong Un and North Korea can teach about us songwriting and promotion?

Kim Jong Un

Im gonna start out by saying I don’t condone pointing nuclear missiles anywhere. That’s not really the right way to get people to like you. It’s clear Kim Jong Un is trying very hard to get the other nations to respect him.

That being said, have you ever noticed how weeks before a musician has an album coming out, they’re decision-making goes a little awry or some illness befalls them. Lil Wayne has “seizures” that almost killed him. Rick Ross gets his car “shot at” but miraculously survives. Bruno Mars goes through a cocaine bust. It’s endless. and it’s effective. Or how about Kanye telling everyone he’s really not into Justin Timberlake’s new song a couple of weeks before JT’s cd came out.

There is no such thing as bad publicity. So the next time you have a release coming out, consider adding a touch of bad decision-making to help you promote it. Maybe a fight at a club or get busted with hooker. Entertainment is entertainment, right?

What are some of your favorite entertainment news of 2013 so far?


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