The Voice Season 4 Episode 8 Review

To be honest, this is the first full episode the Voice I’ve watched. I thought Warren’s performance was stronger than Michael’s. And this is the first time where I was able to withstand listening to country for prolonged periods of time. Gotta admit, Blake’s a pretty cool guy. But yea Warren just looked a lot more confident up there even though Michael sounded a bit more country.

“What’s funny? Why are you smiling? This is funny to you?”

Usher laying down the law. And rightfully so, sometimes you just gotta tell people to shut the fuck up and get down to business. I thought it was pretty cool seeing Pharrell there.  Jeff just did not have it for that song. I thought Josiah presented that song a little better, vocally and presence-wise.

and damn, did Caroline and Danielle do amazing with their performances. It made perfect sense for Caroline to go with Adam and the Maroon 5 mindset. It’s just a good fit. I like the way she pronounces her words. But yea, these two are definitely competitors to watch.


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