How Doing Lip Roll Exercises Help You With Your Singing

shoutout to the Aussie Vocal Coach for this video! check out his site right here

The lip roll is one of my favorite exercises. Even though it is deceptively easy, It  helps you develop a steady tone for your singing voice. It teaches your voice to do really advanced coordination. So when you’re singing vocal melodies, doing this exercise will extend your range of notes. It does this by training your inner larynx muscles, which are the ones responsible for taking care of your vocal chords.

And the lip rolls also help release all the tension around your jaw. That’s because it disengages the outer larynx muscles. Those are the ones that help you swallow food. But when it comes to singing, they don’t really aid in the technique.

Practicing this exercise will allow you to feel a big difference with your registers. So much so, that singing will as simple as talking.


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