3 Physical Exercises That Will Help You With Your Singing

So I remember doing a show in Maywood, Illinois. And it was going awesome. But it was my first show in a while (like a year) and Oh My God, was I out of shape. And I like to run around do crazy stuff while performing, so 2 songs into it…. My body was having the hardest time breathing. And I only had to do 3 songs. But I still pushed through, even though it made me realize how important physical fitness is to performing.

Here are 3 exercises that will definitely make a big difference when it comes to your singing.

Jogging – Pretty much any aerobic exercise will be a benefit to your voice. Singing is VERY dependant on your ability to breathe properly and jogging definitely helps you achieve that. Make sure to keep your arms loose to prevent tension from building up. Try to keep a steady pace for as long as you can.

Yoga – The benefits of yoga are endless and it definitely applies to singing as well. These two activities are very breathing based, so when you work on one, it improves the other. Also, performance anxiety can be a challenge for some people and there have been reports of Yoga alleviating some of those nerves before a performance.

Calisthenics– These exercises are ones you do without any weights and they include doing push-ups, chin-ups and sit-ups. Doing them helps you with your balance, coordination and agility. The best part about them is that you can do practically anywhere.

So really, this post is for me. Telling myself to wake up earlier, get my cardio up.  Ever since I’ve focused on taking singing lessons, I have noticed a big change when Im running though. But as with everything, I can always do better.

So are there any exercises that you do that help you with your performance?


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