3 Sites That Will Help You Build Traffic For Your Music Blog

My site is just a little under a month old now and I think one of my biggest goals is to start generating traffic. So I’ve been googling all about SEO, marketing and blogging, looking for anything that will give me that edge.

So I’ve been searching and searching and have found that these 3 sites, to me, are definitely the best when it comes to building an audience.

1. ThinkTraffic – This site is the very definition of helpful. From the layout to blog post titles, this site is enticing. WRITE EPIC SHIT!!!! How true is that. Im finding out that when it comes down to it, you have to write truly valuable content for people to start coming to your site.

2. SeoMoz – Search Engine Optimization is an artform. And those who take the time to learn how to paint beautiful pictures are the ones who everyone loves to stare at. This site will take your hand, show you how to get started and get you going.

3. ProBlogger – Ahh, the tried and true classic. I feel like Darren is the Beatles of Blogging. This dude did it right and everything that you’re looking it for is in this site.

So yea, hopefully this helps ! I still think the most basic thing though is to keep asking myself how I can be helpful to people? What are they really looking for?


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