3 Tips On How To Make A Good Song Title

One of the first steps if you want to write a song is to come up with a great song title.  A good one will get people asking questions about your song and help them emotionally relate to it. It’s main job is to spark the initial energy in a songwriter to help them find out what story they want to tell. These tips will help you come up with good ideas for a song title.

1.  Come up with a theme

Themes are the backbone of any song. Every great song has  meaning and a general vibe that rises from that. You’ll probably write a lot of songs that have the same theme, but the trick is finding out different ways of expressing it. How you say something is more important what you say. Then from there, you can start asking what is emotionally stirring about this theme.

2. Find a phrase that resonates with you emotionally

Whenever I go to the bars, one of my favorite activities is people watching. Just listening to the craziness people tell each other and how they respond to it. Human life at one of it’s most vulnerable and it’s greatest. I also listen to a lot of pop songs that are blaring on the bar speakers. I’ll be eavesdropping on a conversation and BAM, some girl goes “And then it was over”. Possible new song title. And then maybe I’ll construct some grand story about how she broke up with her boyfriend because her parents didn’t approve. The world is continually tossing inspiration your way. Other sources can be newspaper, tv shows, restaurants, anywhere you can be exposed to words.

3. Use Images

A picture is worth a 1000 words. When writing starts to get bland, it usually means everything is becoming cliche. And then you’re more dried up than some bone. Images get both sides of the brain aroused and that always lead to more emotional discoveries.

Some of my favorite song titles are

Incubus – The Warmth
Radiohead – High And Dry
Pitbull – Don’t Stop The Party
Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble

What are some of your favorite song titles?


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