How The Five W’s and One H Questions Can Help Your SongWriting

Writing songs is no easy task.

When it comes to songwriting and pretty much anything in life, being specific in your goals can make the biggest difference in whether or not you achieve them. And the way to really zone in is to ask yourself these questions.

What do you want to write about?

Every great song begins with a theme and a title. When you have a strong theme that you feel emotionally excited about that, it will shine through in the music you make and the lyrics you write.

When do you plan on finishing the music and the lyrics?

I actually think this is the 2nd most important question to answer.

Cause when you have a deadline, like a date to record or a show to play, it REALLY centers you. It forces you to prioritize what you need to get done.

Why do you want to write this song?

Are you trying to impress someone?

Do you just need to get something off your chest?

Are you trying to earn some extra income?

Whatever the reason is, make sure you’re connected to and you remind yourself everyday.

Who do you need to get this song done?

A good chunk of my songs are about girls and how messed up they are. HAHA!

Or about my friends and their relationships. In order to write good songs, you have to study people.

And also, it helps to have friends who can round out your weaknesses. I don’t know too much about audio engineering but luckily I have a friend who can record me and answer all my questions.

Where do you need to be to feel inspired?

My normal creative routine involves borrowing books from the library. Reading them to get the juices flowing.  Writing the lyrics down on a macbook.  Putting a metronome on and singing the melodies to the lyrics, then coming up with the title. Usually in a basement, a car or a library.

Then fleshing out the rest of the song. Then practicing the song over and over again. Then going to my friend’s studio to record it. Sometimes I’ll play the song first in an open mic to force myself to really know the song, then record. My point is, you have to know what your routine is and where you need to be to get everything rolling.

Asking all these questions will lead you to the answers of what I think is the important question.

How do you plan on achieving this goal?

Now that you’ve answered all those questions, you can have a plan to get from Point A to Point B.

By doing this, you will be more focused on where your song needs to go and what you truly want to communicate to your audience.


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