Book Review – Neil Strauss “Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead”

There are some writers that just undeniably change your life. You pick up a book, aiming to read about some subject, but end up getting so entrenched by how well it’s written, that you wanna hear another story by the same writer.

One of those authors for me is Neil Strauss. I remember picking up The Dirt and thinking, “DAMN! I really really wanna get this whole rockstar band thing going. I can’t wait to pick up all those chicks.” Then I read The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell. And then I remember getting a bit older, not being really happy with my dating life at all and thinking, “What am I gonna do???!!!” So I found The Game. At this point, Im thinking to myself, damn Neil  has been a really influential figure in my life.

So when he wrote a book about the inner workings of famous people, I had to read it.

Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead: Journeys into Fame and Madness

Celebrities are everyone’s guilty pleasures. We love them. We hate them. Something about famous people just sucks in our attention. And we pay them loads and loads of money to entertain us. This book feels like a lot of really interesting photos. Moments. Real. There’s a couple of stories here that really stand out to me. One involves Ice-T and the other involves Omar Rodriguez Lopez from the Mars Volta. Im reading it and Im thinking to myself, “DAMN!” Every other little story serves as an interesting tidbit into what makes a famous person tick. It’s a very hard to put down book.

How This Book Helps Your Songwriting

If you want to be good at something, you have to study the greats. And not just their technique, but the who what where when and why of their lives. What I took from this book is that the best of the best know that they deserve their success. Their hard work entitles them to everything they own. The two examples of artists who didn’t believe in their fame were Jack White and Jewel. The White Stripes just broke up and Jewel doesn’t really tour anymore. So if you want to be a successful songwriter, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Tell yourself that you’re suppose to be there!

So yes, if you want a really good glimpse of what goes in the minds of famous people, get this book. It’s a must-read for anyone who is serious about their music career. As a warning sign. And as a guide.


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