10 PowerfulTips for Brilliant Brainstorming

When it comes to writing songs, any which way you can get ideas is helpful. Sometimes you can’t even wait for inspiration to come to you . There will come times when you just have to grab them. One awesome way to do this is to have a brainstorming session. Here are some tips to help you.

(1) Have Goals – Always begin by quickly going over what needs to be done. Even  if you’re aware of what’s going on, it always helps to have a refresher. First, describe to yourself the project and then clearly state what needs to be done. Some goals could include writing lyrics, arranging the instruments, new melodies, etc.

(2) Keep A Positive Atmosphere – Your attitude decides a lot of what gets done. At the brainstorming stage, just say yes to everything.

(3) Write Down Everything or Type Out Everything – EVERYTHING!!!! That way you have a record of all your ideas and you can organize them later. Plus mentally when you write something down, there’s a certain level of commitment that goes with it.  Also, some ideas might not work now, but you might be able to use them later.

(4) The Ideal Scenario – In Keeping with theme of still having goals, it’s always helpful to have a nudge in the right direction.  Somewhere in between your songwriting session, take the time to visualize what you want to happen.

(5) Don’t Judge – Brainstorming is all about saying yes to everything. You have to embrace the ridiculous, no matter how outlandish it might be. Maybe putting in a drum fill at the beginning of the measure might be interesting. Maybe putting in the orchestra instruments on the verse instead of the hook might sound better.

(6) Set A Time Limit – People respond better to deadlines. When they know that something needs to get done by a certain time, it helps keep our focus.

(7) Give Credit To Your Ideas – Being grateful puts you in the right mindset for creativity. Having a positive view keeps the juices flowing and really helps that   flow.

(8) Turn Off All Distractions – Turn off your cellphone. Shut down facebook. Don’t tweet nothing. You’re here to do work.

(9) Brainstorm With Other People – Sometimes a different view can give you the perspective you need.

(10) Realize when it’s over – When the time is up, and you have all your ideas, it is time to zone in and make something out of them. Remind yourself of what your goal is and start putting the puzzle pieces together. This is usually the part that takes the longest and where you gotta “grind” it out.

When your brainstorming, it’s important to have this attitude of saying yes to whatever ideas may come. Keep things focus.  Write Everything Down! Or Type Everything Out !  Set a time limit for yourself. But every musical idea you get, invite it and be grateful for it.



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  2. Have you got any examples of your songs we can listen to posted anywhere?

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