The Most Important Song You’ve Ever Written by Pamela Phillips-Oland

I’ve been reading this book called The Art of Writing Great Lyrics by Pamela Phillips-Oland, and I came across this awesome section talking about how you have to give it your all now. Whatever it is you’re working on. Whether a song, a blog post, tonight’s dinner, anything and everything. GIVE IT YOUR ALL NOW!!!!

Here’s what she said.

If you’re a professional songwriter, people are depending on you for your best work every time. Each collaborator has taken care and pride in his work and expects you to do the same. Thus, my advice is this:

Approach every song you write as if it is the most important song you will ever write.

Don’t say, “oh this is just for…” or “This isn’t a special project.” If it isn’t an important idea, melody, or project, why on Earth should you be wasting your time to write it? Each time a composer asks me to collaborate on a song, I give it everything I’ve got. If a great line occurs to me, I don’t hold it back, saving it for some imagined later, greater project. I choose to make this project the great one. There is no tomorrow or next song when you’re writing a song. This one right now has to carry all our talents, gifts, abilities, aspirations, creativity.

I know it’s tempting to hoard good ideas, but the most miraculous thing about ideas is that they never run out. Ideas are like movie heroes. They always come and rescue us just when we need them most! So never worry about putting a great idea squarely into the song you’re working on right now. Tomorrow’s song will take care of itself. Right now concentrate on making this one the best you’ve ever done. Give it all your ammunition, and the rewards you’ll see as the results of a job well crafted will exhilarate and delight you.


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