What Makes The Song So Great? – Lil Wayne “Love Me” ft. Future and Drake

prod by. Mike Will Made It, A+
written by. Dwayne Carter, Nayvadius Wilburn, Aubrey Graham, Michael Williams, Asheton Hogan

Lil Wayne is not a human being. And his second installment in this series is a sexromp filled with sex, sex and more sex. Seriously every other line is a metaphor of telling girls how much prowess he has, or that haters can go fuck off. And that’s what makes his new cd so brilliant. Not creative like boundaries pushing brilliant, but in the sense, that it’s just so entertaining ! This song is fun to listen to.

Beat – Mike Will Made It has been killing it. That filter effect he’s been using gives this hazy feeling that’s perfect for the nightclub. It is literally the musical equivalent of feeling buzzed. Also, keep an ear for the trance synths in the back. They’re subtle  and fill out the track really well. Those wide trances. The arpeggio plucks add a real nice touch to. This is a song where there aren’t a lot of snare rolls and that’s pretty rare for trap beats.

Lyrics – How do we even begin critiquing LIl Wayne verses. In pop and rock songs, usually we judge lyrics by storytelling and how it relates to everything. Lil Wayne and most other rappers are telling a story. A story of how awesome they are. HAHA!

Love Me [Explicit]

“I can give a fuck bout no hater as long as my bitches love me”

Definitely feeling that line. It’s just so true though. When girls love ya, nothing else really matters.

Lil Wayne is a character. A very entertaining one and a rapper Im grateful that is in HipHop. Music is suppose to help us forget about everything else. And the number one way to do that is by being absolutely ridiculous. Lil Wayne is fearless and obviously doesn’t give a fuck what people think. Just creating and skating.


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