Book Review: Improv For Actors by Dan Diggles

One of the most important things that we can do as musicians is to trust our instincts. Just completely give ourselves to the moment and be brave enough to see what comes out of it. And to have fun while doing it. One of the most effective ways to do that is improv. In rap, while you are freestyling, it is all essentially improv. Making use of the moment.

What This Book Is About

There are a lot of exercises in here. Especially a lot of ones for groups. The activities also come up with an explanation of why they are helpful. This book really helps actors stretch out their imagination. Dan also does a really good job of analyzing how body language affects social status. My favorite is if you bring up sex in a conversation, that implies that you have higher status because sex is taboo. There’s also a great breakdown of eye movement and body posture tips as well.

How This Book Helps Your SongWriting

I think doing these exercises  helps free your mind to be more creative. When your writing songs, you gotta be ok to fail. Not everything you write is going to be a hit. And that’s ok.  And I also really was digging the fact that sometimes the most normal things can be funny. Just literally calling out the most obvious can be the most entertaining part of a scene. With songwriting, sometimes the most ordinary topics can turn into the most powerful songs.

The 3 Rules Of Improv

(1) Say Yes And….

(2) Say The First Thing That Comes To Your Mind

(3) Make your partner look good.


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