What Makes The Song So Great – “22” by Taylor Swift


Have you guys ever listened to a Taylor Swift sing live with her and just an acoustic guitar. Her voice is so smooth and on-point. And really effortless. This song is written for the summer. The theme of the song is having fun. And convincing a special someone that it’s ok to be careless for that night.

Beats – I really like that acoustic intro. Always the standard four on the floor kick thump for the verse.  Then for the chorus, it does the standard pop rock with the kick on the upbeat. Mad props to hooktheory.com for the chord breakdown. The song is in the key of G Major. It goes I V IV vi V IV V IV.  Really take notice on the interval leaps she uses for the chorus melody. Really dancey with the synth washes on the pre-chorus and the chorus.  In both verses, take note of the instrumental build up that occurs. It’s pretty minimal in the beginning, then a second acoustic guitar comes in. Then that white noise sweep right before it goes into the pre-chorus.

Speaking of that white noise, I’ve really been focusing on learning and adding that to my beat game.

Lyrics – I’ve been really paying attention to the syllable count of the songs I like listening to. It feels like one of those nights.  That’s seven syllables. You don’t know about me. Six syllables.  The lyrics do a really good job of conveying Taylor Swift checking out a guy and all the stuff that goes in a girl’s head. The verses feel like it’s her giving reasons to be carefree while the chorus is her inviting the guy to dance. Making it a good contrast. The chorus does a good job of connecting with the audience because we always have that one person we want to dance with.  Tension and conflict are expressed by the fact that the special someone Taylor Swift is talking about doesn’t know her yet

The title itself is pretty catchy, because of the alliteration built into it.  And the video showcases her friends in real-life. Just them having fun. So yes, if you want to write and learn about a summer hit, this is a song to definitely study.

SongWriting Exercise: What are some settings for a summer song to take place?

Taylor Swift – 22


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