What Makes The Song Great ? – It’s Tricky – Run DMC


BPM : 127
Producers – Rick Rubin, Run-DMC
Writers – Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels

Run DMC was just all about not giving a fuck. Raw knuckled, this track forces your face to go into that scowl and just start strutting. Easily recognizable,  It’s been used for a ton of movies like Can’t Hardly Wait, Road Trip, The Hot Chick, Malibu’s Wanted, etc. The song is just such an attitude changer.

haha, check out Penn & Teller !

The beat, as most Rick Rubin, is minimal but very in your face. Make note of the contrast mid-verse, where the beat drops. And as it transitions from verse – chorus – verse, there’s that steady snare pattern.  It’s very uptempo, so it’s meant to get people up and moving. Lots of energy.  The two samples used are

My Sharona by the Knacks


Mickey by Toni Basil

The lyrics are a great example of Golden Age HipHop, with lots of bragging about banging girls with curly hair. Then they start talking about the problems of being famous, like people be calling them all the time, girls be stalking them and even their dads are getting harassed. It’s tricky everybody knowing who you are. Just cause they’re that dope.



Raising Hell is credited to be like the red-bull start of GoldenAgeHipHop. The beats, the rhymes and the attitude of real hiphop is all in this song. If you want to instantly change the mood of any party you’re at, put this track on. I guarantee it will always amp everyone up.

It’s Tricky


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