What Makes The Song So Great – Florida Georgia Line “Cruise” ft. Nelly

I gotta admit. Country is growing on me. With The Voice, the summertime, the pretty southern girls, that Nashville sound is slowly starting to find itself in my spotify playlists. Driving is one of my favorite activities. Especially if I am lucky enough to be driving with a pretty girl. (Which doesn’t happen that often…. haha!) Just an open road wind blowing. This song is about great summer times.

My favorite structure has  always been where the hook either comes in or pretty close to the beginning. The verse sections in the song aren’t too long as this song is really hook-heavy.  It’s got a slower to mid tempo, perfect for your head to nod along with and that special girl to dance to. I always like the bridges where most of the instruments dropout and it’s just the sing-along. Those to me are always the most fun.


Baby you a song/ you make me wanna roll my windows down  and cruise/down a back road blowin stop signs through the middle of every farm town with you

Those are some really effective summer images ! It just exudes warmness and fun. The perspective is from one person’s point of view about another person. The song’s got big trucks, small towns,  girls in bikinis and southern rock. I really like the analogy of comparing a girl to a song. And that she makes me want to cruise.

It’s great having Nelly in there to add some contrast, yet a familiar southern drawl to the sound. He does a great job of sticking with the theme of talking about and to the girl.

Cruise (Remix)

The verses also have a strong story development, even with a minimal amount of lines. Starts with seeing a girl in a bikini getting out of the water to driving around to parking and having some fun. That’s a plot !

Country’s always had a place on the Billboard Charts. In the past decade, we’ve seen a lot of country-rap collaborations and I don’t really suspect that stopping anytime soon.



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2 responses to “What Makes The Song So Great – Florida Georgia Line “Cruise” ft. Nelly

  1. I feel the same way. I grew up listening to everything except country. But as I got older I learned its just “white” R&B LOL!!!!! The writing of country music is very technical to me which I think is great! I think thats why the lyrics are so memorable! Come to think of it some country songs have better rhyme schemes than rap!! Lastly, no joke but I think nelly has a future in the genre

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