What Makes The Song So Great ? – Selena Gomez – Come & Get It

Producer: StarGate (M.S. Eriksen & T.E. Hermansen)
Writers: Ester Dean, M.S. Eriksen & T.E. Hermansen

“Baby, Im addicted”

I’ve  always dug songs with unique rhythms. This brand new track from Selena is considered to be  tribal-electropop, meaning there are different beats playing at the same time. It creates a very hypnotic, groovy feel. It’s got a Bhangra beat, meaning it’s got Indian Bollywood influences. Very moombahton.

what is moohbahton?

“You got the kind of love that I want”

The beat is midtempo, a stark contrast from her usual bubblegum pop. For people wondering why this sounds a lot like a Rihanna track, it was produced by StarGate, and Ester Dean. They’re the team that produced most of the “Diamonds” songstress’s hits.

The kickdrum is a pretty steady beat, while the snare is tuned to be  typically full and reverbed out. The synth playing during the chorus is very much StarGate’s style. The filter effect used in the bridge is also well-placed and adds some ear-candy contrast.

“This love will be the death of me”

The theme of the lyrics are about an obsession with a certain someone. She’s offering herself and no matter what it takes, she wants to get it done. I like how it starts off with the “you ain’t gotta worry, it’s an open invitation.” It shows a bit of a story development.

But not too much else goes on with the rest of the verses until the bridge hits. Other than comparing the love to drugs, there isn’t too much figurative language going on either.

“Na na na”

It’s a very club-ready track where you can take a certain someone to a quiet, dark corner and do whatever. The club tracks always have to have a certain level of sexual suggestion embedded in it because at night, deep down, that’s what everyone really goes out for.

“but I know I’ll die happily”

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