What Makes The Song So Great – Bruno Mars “Treasure”

Songwriter- Ari Levine, Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, Phredley Brown
Production-The Smeezingtons
BPM – 116
Bruno Mars and The Smeezingtons are definitely one of the more fun songwriting groups of this decade.They’ve written ALOT of hits.

The theme of the song is all about “hey girl you’re so fine, let’s get together!”

He’s basically saying through his lyrics,
”Listen girl, I like you so much, be with me and you’ll be appreciated.”
He’s comparing her to a golden star. A treasure.

When it comes to hit songwriting, it is very important to make sure the title does a good job of grabbing the audience’s attention and being thematicaly connected to the verses and the chorus.
The title of this song has two meanings. One where he is comparing the girl to something of value and also that he so really wants to show the girl how much he he wants to be with her.

Overall, the lyrics are pretty simple. Otis Redding once said that he didn’t want to complicate the words so much because then the people might get confused. Hit songs are in general, simple, in order to be relatable.

Be sure to pay attention to the pacing of how he says the verses and the chorus. There’s a lot less space between the lyrics in the verse as compared to the words that he’s singing in the chorus.

Treasure that is what you are

honey you’re my golden star

you know that you could make my wish come true

if you let me treasure you

if you let me treasure you (oooh oh)

The structure is pretty standard pop format.

Verse – PreChorus – Chorus – Verse – PreChorus – Chorus – Bridge – Chorus – Outro

Very funky, more disco. Pay attention to the hi-hat coming in during the chorus to provide the dance backbeat. I also like the clap during the bridge to add contrast. The bass line also adds more to that funky/disco feel.

You can totally see the James Brown influence in the performance that they did on the Voice. The moves and the choreography. Brilliant !

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