SongWriting Analysis: Daft Punk – “Get Lucky” ft. Pharrell & Nile Rodgers

Writer – Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo, Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers
Producer – Daft Punk
BPM – 116


Sex sells. Especially when it comes to “club” songs.  Hell, Im gonna write SEX again so I can get more SEO hits.

 This track with Daft Punk, Pharrell & Nile Rodgers takes your body and gets it groovin.

Comprised of a disco/funk/r&b backbeat, this song just makes you want to dance. The intro sounds like Estelle & Kanye West’s “American Boy”. Again what really drives the song is groove of the bass. It’s what really makes you want to shake your body.

Here is a bass tutorial video complete with tabs.

Here is a tutorial of the rhythm guitar by Nile Rodgers (done by Marty Schwartz)

It is in the key of F# minor. The main chord progression is bm7 – D – f#m7 E.

Here is the hooktheory analysis of the song, complete with the piano melody.

In order to add contrast to the song, right before the Daft Punk vocoder bridge, claps start to substitute the snares, which really catch the ear. Disco/funk/r&b arrangements always rely on drum instruments coming in and out, so pay close attention to when & where the hi-hats come in.

The theme of the song is obviously “hey let’s get together and get out of here (wink) (wink)”

One thing I’ve been really paying attention is how strong is the second verse of the song.

The present has no ribbon
Your gift keeps on giving
What is this I’m feeling?
If you want to leave, I’m with it

lyrics are from rapgenius

The gift that Pharrell is referring to is her body and he’s pretty much saying “hey, that gift is ALWAYS welcomed.” And the double meaning of the present, meaning her gift and now, also works very well.  So yes, when it comes to tying to the title and theme, the second verse does a really good job.

You want the second verse to be strong because the audience might not have been paying attention to the first verse, but now that they’ve settled in with the hook, they’re gonna be paying attention to the second verse.

So yes, if you want a funky song that will get the people dancing, study the rhythm and get writing!



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2 responses to “SongWriting Analysis: Daft Punk – “Get Lucky” ft. Pharrell & Nile Rodgers

  1. Dope song. I see urban radio is picking it up, which is real good for the culture!

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