Song Analysis – Of Monsters And Men “Little Talks”


all that’s left is the ghost of you

Everything changes. Someone you thought you were close to will one day let you down.

The theme of this song is “love sucks because of miscommunication”.
The title being referred to as something these lovers use to have.

What kind of questions does the title raise?

who’s having the little talks?
what about the little talks do the singers miss me so much?
why are they having problems?
what are these little talks about?

Im feelin the image of this refrain. The metaphor being that the ship of life will eventually take us to wherever we’re gonna go anyway.

Though the truth may vary
this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore

rapgenius complete lyrics – Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks

It’s got a very upbeat tempo, with the snare being on the 1 AND 2 AND 3 AND 4 AND. It creates a very folk dance vibe to it.

Lots of folk instruments, including an accordion and a trumpet.

The instrumentation does a really great job of making interesting contrast throughout the song. Notice the kickdrum and guitar combo during the verse and then the rest of the instruments come in like a tidal wave during the chorus.

And Im really diggin that soft bridge. It gives it that one last chance to catch your breath and then BAM!

and then one last hurrah of instruments. Creating that emotional journey that all songs should strive to be.

I miss our little talks


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