Brandon Boyd Interview on Steve Renman

Lots to be learned from this interview from the soft spoken and analogy-articulate Brandon Boyd.

The whole video is filled with metaphors about the artist and manager relationship. Brandon keeps it entertaining by describing the sometimes rocky relationship where him and Steve almost want to kill each other to the necessity which they need.

The most important thing that I took away from this interview is that the manager has a skillet that artists normally do not. And that is something to be appreciated. It’s a team. A family. And sometimes families can be dysfunctional, but it helps gets things done.

Another really important thing to learn about this video is the fact that being self-sufficient, in terms of songwriting, is so key in having more control over your career. All Incubus really needed was someone to point them in the right direction, in terms of a producer and someone to take care of the business side of things.

So spend more time learning the craft and be friends with someone who can ask for money for you.

and Steve Renman is a table pounder. HAHA!


“Timing and lighting is everything”. – Steve Renman

“Dream it. Do it.” –  Steve Renman

“We can talk straight to God. The old record industry are the priest you talk to God. We can just talk straight to God” – Brandon Boyd

“There is a necessity for that skillset to help people find their dreams. There are people who make art and there are people who say “Hey wanna pay me for it?” – Brandon Boyd on Steve Renman

“Let my compass spin wild. And Steve helps me notice when something click and something works.” – Brandon Boyd

Are you more of a musician type or more of a manager type? And why?


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