Sampling Motown with 9th Wonder, Harvey Weinger and Mark Anthony Neal

Really great lecture by 9th Wonder, Harvey Weinger and Mark Anthony Neal. Very indepth and also a good primer to the idea of sampling as how it relates to the Motown era.

I am really digging how passionate Harvey Weinger is about his job of going through the old Motown archives and making it so the rest can truly truly understand the genius of the label sound.

I like how Marvin did not delete any of his work. That’s important and very fascinating because we can see a sort of sketch artist style of creating music. And I also did not know that Here My Dear was recorded pretty much to pay off an alimony debt.

I also did not know that Clyde Stubblefield lives in Madison, WI. Which is about two hours away from me. That is awesome, might have to go visit the bar that he regularly plays at.

The three speakers go over a lot of sampling over the past few decades, prominently about P Diddy’s, Jay Z and Notorious B.I.G. What’s great is they’re using examples of late 90s songs that I am familiar with.

I like how they broke down the Jackson 5 samples as well in the beginning. And the importance of how the break is really what people want to hear.

“Smokey Robinson is so passionate that he brings you into his world.” – Harvey Weinger

1971 – 1977 = The warm sound according to 9th wonder.

“You’re coming out of the Motown era where everything sounds like it’s coming from a hallway. Curtis Mayfield, Lamont Dozier, Stax Recording.”

I also found it fascinating that the Standing In The Shadows Of Motown Documentary started out at as a book.

“To be a great producer you must know records.” -9th Wonder


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