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Song Analysis: Kanye West – All Day

[Produced by Velous, Kanye West, Diddy and Charlie Heat; Co-produced by Mike Dean, French Montana and Noah Goldstein; Additional production by Plain Pat, Travi$ Scott, Allen Ritter & Mario Winans]

Yo. I remember seeing this video for the first time. It always cracks me up how, if you’ve been to a more “urban” rap show, rappers would always have like 5 – 10 of their friends just up on stage bouncing around.

Kanye, in true Kanye fashion, took this idea and multiplied it a billion times. AND IT’S AWESOME. The flame throwers are what really got to me. Once I saw those, I was like Kanye damn did it again.

The track was produced by newcomer Velous (with coproduction from a whole lotta people). Velous  came up by producing beats for French Montana.

That growly bass used sparingly in the song is a great touch. As much as I love the true 808 basses, I like how Kanye really diversifies and makes the beats he uses standout from typical trap tracks. That wall of brass bass and chorus is also awesome. Followed by some nice contrast with the angelic singing and the Allan Kingdom hook.
My favorite line in the whole song is the Denzel Washington reference. Come on Ye, that’s David Palmer from 24. The followup line is also super dope. “If you run into me, you better have Allstate with ya.”

24/7, 365 days, everybody gettin’ paid” Ohh shiieet !



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Sampling Motown with 9th Wonder, Harvey Weinger and Mark Anthony Neal

Really great lecture by 9th Wonder, Harvey Weinger and Mark Anthony Neal. Very indepth and also a good primer to the idea of sampling as how it relates to the Motown era.

I am really digging how passionate Harvey Weinger is about his job of going through the old Motown archives and making it so the rest can truly truly understand the genius of the label sound.

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Shaila Dúrcal – El Día Que Me Fuí

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What Kim Jong Un and North Korea can teach about us songwriting and promotion?

Kim Jong Un

Im gonna start out by saying I don’t condone pointing nuclear missiles anywhere. That’s not really the right way to get people to like you. It’s clear Kim Jong Un is trying very hard to get the other nations to respect him.

That being said, have you ever noticed how weeks before a musician has an album coming out, they’re decision-making goes a little awry or some illness befalls them. Lil Wayne has “seizures” that almost killed him. Rick Ross gets his car “shot at” but miraculously survives. Bruno Mars goes through a cocaine bust. It’s endless. and it’s effective. Or how about Kanye telling everyone he’s really not into Justin Timberlake’s new song a couple of weeks before JT’s cd came out.

There is no such thing as bad publicity. So the next time you have a release coming out, consider adding a touch of bad decision-making to help you promote it. Maybe a fight at a club or get busted with hooker. Entertainment is entertainment, right?

What are some of your favorite entertainment news of 2013 so far?

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4 Steps To Being More Creative

We all yearn to be creative. But sometimes we find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward. What is the easiest way to get going again?

Have A Finish Line

Always know what you want. Ask yourself, “what is it that I really want to accomplish?” And this is the time to really let yourself go. Always dream big!

Examine Your Next Moves

Now ask yourself what are the next logical steps I can take to get me closer to what I want. Are there steps that would make more sense NOW?

Take Action

This is where you take all the steps you listed out. And you do it.

Analyze What Happened

Sometimes our plan works and sometimes it doesn’t. If it did work, then give yourself props. If it did not, then go back, examine your moves until it does work.

And that’s really it. Just wash, rinse, repeat to your heart’s desire.



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Song Analysis – Lisa Loeb “Stay”


I remember being like 10 and this song coming on VH1 and me thinking, “this is a great song!” It was always so calming and hypnotic at the same time. Lisa Loeb’s voice just has that power to softly draw you in. Definitely a staple of the 90’s pop music scene.

Song Structure

This song employs the verse verse bridge verse structure. Which you don’t really see too much of anymore nowadays in the billboard charts. Starting with a soft and warm guitar intro, the confused mood it sets is carried throughout the entire song. What really drives everything forward is the melody she sings during the “You say….” part. The basic pop-rock beat furthermore drives the calm, confused, coffeehouse feel of the song.


The verses do a really good job of answering the questions raised by the title, Stay. She uses really strong images to let us see the arguments between her main character and her lover. She wants to go and he wants her to stay. My favorite lines are when she compares the song on the radio to what happened between them.

What To Learn From This

Sometimes a simple VVBV structure can work really well. Especially if it has strong image driven verses that connect well with the title.

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Don’t Forget

The reason that radio needs your hit songs that give the listeners an emotional ride is so they can sell ad space. Simple as that.

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How Having A Good Posture Can Help Your Singing



Good posture helps improve breathing.   It is a fact that our brains require 20% of oxygen in order to get the job done. To support the notes you are singing, having a good posture really helps. Breathing allows the ribs and the diaphragm to expand properly. it gives you a really solid foundation.


As an artist, we use our body as our instrument. If you want to look smarter and more confident in your performance, work on having a good strong posture. It does a really good job of helping you feel better about your self-image. Your body position isn’t a distraction to the audience.  Standing up straight, people will respect and respond with their attention.

Quick Checklist

Is your spine straight?
Are your shoulders relaxed?
Are both of your feet and on the street?

Have you practiced good posture while singing today?

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It’s Worth It.

Every word you write. Every minute you spend. Every mile you drive. Every “no you should be doing something else”. It’s all worth it. So relax. You’re going to do great.

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The Only Good Time To Have A Backup Plan

I usually tell everyone, don’t have a backup plan. That’s the worst thing you can do to your original plan. Your original wants and desires. BUT when you’re plying a show, and the instruments go haywire. Always have a way to present the songs differently. Ultimately, the songs are counting on YOU to get them out there.

The audience is always listening. waiting. Dying to be taken away from “reality.”

Don’t let them or yourself down. ALWAYS have a backup plan for the songs.

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