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There’s a lot of lessons we can learn from Eminem and Rihanna’s latest pairing.

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SongWriting Analysis: Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop”

Writer: Miley Cyrus, Mike Williams II, Timothy Thomas, Theron Thomas, Douglas Davis, Ricky Walter
Producer: Mike Will Made It
BPM: 80

I remember singing karaoke with one of my homies and we were doing Miley Cyrus’s “Party In The U.SA.”
(go ahead, ask why) Cause it’s a great song. And it’s fun to sing, that’s why. Anyways we were singing it, with our “amazing” singing voices when some girl from the crowd goes “If you’re gonna sing this song, at least sing it right.”

Me and my friend kept singing, but I was thinking “What??? This is karaoke…. Not exactly an opera or a choir recital.”

“It’s our party and we can do what we want.”

And that’s why “We Can’t Stop” is a hit. The theme being Me Against The World. Always ask yourself what kind of questions the title raises. Why exactly can’t they stop us? Well it’s because we’re having a party here. OUR party. 
Red cups, sweaty bodies and hands up in the air cause right now we ain’t care.

There is only a slight lyrical development here. The first verse feels like a bit more of a setup verse and the second verse to solidify the theme of “not caring.”

Really pay attention to the simplicity, yet effectiveness of the message. We Can’t Stop because those lyrics are empowering. Hey to the girls with the big butts, shake it like you at a strip club.

We Can’t Stop Lyrics – Rapgenius.com

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What Makes The Song Song So Great? – Rihanna – Stay ft. Mikky Ekko

BPM: 112
Writer: Mikky Ekko Justin Parker
Producer: Mikky Ekko ·  Kuk Harrell, Elof Loelv, Justin Parker

Another exceptional track from the songstress, Rihanna. A very tender and gentle ballad.  It’s always very healthy to take risks and do something different for a change. Rihanna’s had A LOT of hits, but this is her first true ballad. It really showcases her compelling vocal talent.

Beat –  Piano ballads always do an effective job of expressing themes of love. This is a pretty straightforward intro verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus structure. Sometimes less is more.  Always pay attention to the contrast of the verse and the chorus. When she sings  the melody for the word “stay” Rihanna really delivers that line like she means it.  The white noise effect is used really well towards the last few seconds of the song.

Lyrics – The song starts out by comparing love to a fever. That’s keeping it real. The lyrics do a great job of conveying how Rihanna can’t get over her love. Also, pay attention to how conversational the lyrics of the hook are.  She can’t explain what it is about her lover, and she can’t control it.  I like how both Rihanna and Mikky’s verses end the same way.

SongWriting Exercise: With nothing but a piano, take some lyrics about a lost love and write about it.


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