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Song Analysis – Avicii – Addicted To You

WRITERS –  Tim Bergling, Ash Pournouri, Mac Davis, Josh Krajcik
PRODUCERS – Ash Pournouri, Avicii
TEMPO  – 128 BPM


The main theme of the song is that all too consuming feeling a person has when they are obsessing over a  specific person.

From the verses, it sounds like that passionate first few weeks of love. The images of veins and being hooked on drugs add to that addicted feeling.

Starting off with a soft guitar with a very soft dynamic, and Audra Mae starts off singing more of a pianissimo style delivery, softer.

When she gets to the main verse where her delivery slowly starts to buildup and buildup.  Until it hits the climax of the song with the second “Addicted To You” lyric.


This song differs from other Avicii mainstream releases in the fact it doesn’t have too much of an EDM trance synth breakdown. The white noise sound is still very prevalent throughout the whole song.

The one standout about this track is the very Adele –like voice of Audra Mae, passionately delivering the emotion that yes, she is addicted to whoever she is singing about.

The bass drum, the snare and the hi-hat are typical EDM snares with the guitar being the main driving instrument. The guitar is what drives the uptempo throughout the song.

And the contrast is defined through the power of Audra Mae’s vocal delivery as the song progresses.

I also really like how the radio edit isn’t that long and is less than 3 minutes. It’s efficient and entertaining. 

Another great song from one of the reigning EDM kings.


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Sampling Motown with 9th Wonder, Harvey Weinger and Mark Anthony Neal

Really great lecture by 9th Wonder, Harvey Weinger and Mark Anthony Neal. Very indepth and also a good primer to the idea of sampling as how it relates to the Motown era.

I am really digging how passionate Harvey Weinger is about his job of going through the old Motown archives and making it so the rest can truly truly understand the genius of the label sound.

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BookKeeping For Musicians Pt. 2 – 2/13/14

The Five Main Sources Of Income

(1) Merchandise
(2) Royalties
(3) consulting
(4) gig money
(5) teaching music

Im also starting to kind of understand debits and credits.

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BookKeeping For Musicians Pt. 1 – 2/7/2014

For as long as I can remember, I have never been a numbers person.

I took an accounting class when I was 19. Got a 37%. And that was me trying !

That’s gonna change. You all gonna respect me for ability to do basic book keeping !

I am gonna record my kaizen-like journey into book keeping and how I am gonna use it for music.

Like for example tomorrow, Im going to play a show in Bloomington, IN.

and I have absolutely no idea how to record it. But I will soon.

Here’s 4 Reasons to Keep Records from Canada Business.

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Playing Open Mics Is A Lot Like Market Research

A while back I wrote an article on why it is a great idea to play as many open mics as you possibly can. And I still believe in that idea. It’s all about experience, experience and more experience. Those minutes spent add up and before long you’ll start seeing a major difference in your entire swagger.

But then it came to me, another great reason to play open mics.

You get to see what the crowd responds to. I’ve noticed which songs get the least crowd response and which one gets the girls dancing. Note to self, write more songs like those.

It’s like it’s own market research.

So play as many of them as you possibly can !


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Song Analysis – Avicii – Hey Brother

Rhythm is SOOOO important when it comes to songwriting. Learning that backbeat and learning how to count to 4 is the most fundamental and important a musician needs to learn. All of pop music follows that 4/4 pulse. Take this Avicii and start counting 1 2 3 4.

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There’s a lot of lessons we can learn from Eminem and Rihanna’s latest pairing.

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Brandon Boyd Interview on Steve Renman

Lots to be learned from this interview from the soft spoken and analogy-articulate Brandon Boyd.

The whole video is filled with metaphors about the artist and manager relationship. Brandon keeps it entertaining by describing the sometimes rocky relationship where him and Steve almost want to kill each other to the necessity which they need.

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Book Review: 3 Things I Learned From Mo Meta Blues by QuestLove

Ahmir Questlove is a drummer for The Roots, DJ, music journalist and record producer.

It’s awesome how much you can see that Questlove REALLY loves music. Just everything about it. The best part about all this is the hungriness in which he reads music reviews, including anywhere from Pitchfork to Rolling Stone to whoever. It’s great to me, cause Im thinking, “oh wait me too!”

Reading his book, there’s a lot of things we can learn.

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