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BookKeeping For Musicians Pt. 1 – 2/7/2014

For as long as I can remember, I have never been a numbers person.

I took an accounting class when I was 19. Got a 37%. And that was me trying !

That’s gonna change. You all gonna respect me for ability to do basic book keeping !

I am gonna record my kaizen-like journey into book keeping and how I am gonna use it for music.

Like for example tomorrow, Im going to play a show in Bloomington, IN.

and I have absolutely no idea how to record it. But I will soon.

Here’s 4 Reasons to Keep Records from Canada Business.

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How To Practice Focusing On One Thing

When it comes to songwriting and  singing, focusing is VERY important skill. You need to be able to put all your mental energy into one thing. Now there’s a million tasks always waiting for us. BUT that is no excuse. You have to be able to focus your mind. And here’s how.

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One Of My Favorite Creative Visualization Money Attracting Videos

Something about this video is just awesome!

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