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Frank Zappa 1971 Documentary

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Song Analysis – Jay Z – “Holy Grail” ft. Justin Timberlake

Song Analysis – Jay Z – “Holy Grail” ft. Justin Timberlake

Writers – Justin Timberlake, Shawn Carter, Terius “The Dream” Nash, Timothy Mosley, Jerome Harmon, Ernest Wilson, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic
Producer – The Dream, Timbaland, Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon, No I.D.
BPM: 72

But I still don’t know why, why I love it so much.

This song is a great example of a lot of really effective rhythmic contrasts while still keeping a melodic hook, both vocally and instrumentally, that keeps your interest throughout the whole song.

The most obvious and effective hook is Justin’s Chorus where he sings

And baby, it’s amazing Im in this maze with you
I just can’t crack your code
One day you screaming me love you loud
The next day you’re so cold
One day you’re heree, one day you’re there
one day you care
You’re so unfair, sipping from your cup til it runneth over Holy Grail

Right from the beginning, it just grabs you and forces you to listen to the rest of what the song is about. And what is the song about?

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Song Analysis – Katy Perry – “Roar”

Song Analysis – Katy Perry “Roar”

written by Katy Perry, Lukasz Gottwald, Max Martin, Bonnie Mckee, Henry Walter
produced by Dr. Luke and Cirkut
BPM: 92

You gotta give Katy Perry props for having a large diversity in sound throughout her songs. They all retain a sense of sugary pop but the texture and feeling in each one is very individualized.

This new single represents a Phoenix like rebirth, complete with teasers that show her literally burning her old personality. AWESOMENESS!!!! Trailers like these excite me as an artist challenging themselves to something new.

The theme of the song is very “Im not gonna take this anymore and you goddamn right. Im gonna do something about it.” Kinda like Katy’s version of the Twisted Sister hit, “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

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Song Analysis – Of Monsters And Men “Little Talks”


all that’s left is the ghost of you

Everything changes. Someone you thought you were close to will one day let you down.

The theme of this song is “love sucks because of miscommunication”.
The title being referred to as something these lovers use to have.

What kind of questions does the title raise?

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SongWriting Analysis – The Eagles “Lyin Eyes”

This is my absolute favorite song in the world. In terms of songwriting and harmonies and pure awesomeness, you can’t get any better then this track right here.

It started out as a bar scene between a girl and an older gentlemen that Glenn Frey saw and him coming up with the line ” Look at her, she can’t even hide those lyin eyes“, it quickly became the perfect example of what a song should be.

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SongWriting Analysis: Daft Punk – “Get Lucky” ft. Pharrell & Nile Rodgers

Writer – Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo, Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers
Producer – Daft Punk
BPM – 116


Sex sells. Especially when it comes to “club” songs.  Hell, Im gonna write SEX again so I can get more SEO hits.

 This track with Daft Punk, Pharrell & Nile Rodgers takes your body and gets it groovin.

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Music Documentary: The Beatles and The Making of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

If you want to be a great songwriter, youHAVE to study the Beatles. Basically every piece of music written after has their melodic fingerprints all over it. This album has everything. From the simplest, enjoyable pop to Indian bhangra beats to being the concept album of concept albums.

yea the audio is a bit out of sync with the speaking, but who cares, it’s The Beatles !

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band deserves to be analyzed over and over again.

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Book Review: The Girl In The Song, The Stories Behind 50 Rock Classics


Muses make the music world go round. Without them, there would be no songs to play or listen to. This book tells the story behind 50 classics and the women that inspired them. 

It definitely has stories on the more known muses like Pattie Boyd, Judy Collins and Linda McCartney. But also more obscure, surprising backstories like Buddy Holly’s “Peggy Sue” and The Beatles singing about Meter Maid Meta.

 And it’s a very short-read. It took me only one day to finish it.

 My 3 favorite stories involve, “Maybe Im Amazed” by Paul McCartney, “Diana” by Paul Anka and “Sara” by Fleetwood Mac.

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Scott Devine On Steps To Mastery

Take baby steps. That’s it. Every artist/master has had to work hard at his craft. There is no other way. And sometimes it’s really easy to be discouraged.

Well how do you motivate yourself to keep going?

Sometimes you just gotta take baby steps.

“You can’t really do anything with one brick. But with a thousand bricks, you can build a mansion.”

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Neil Strauss and Tim Ferriss have a conversation about writing and being creative.

When it comes to authors that have influenced my way of thinking, there are none others that I can think of other than these two.

With The Dirt, The Game, Emergency,etc. and his pickup lines and 30Day Challenge, Neil Strauss has done alot of things to shape my worldview and social life.

And I also remember the paradigm shift that The 4 Hour WorkWeek gave me after a friend I met in LA recommended the book. He also gave me a lot of different ideas when it comes to time management and virtual assistants. There’s definitely a lot to learn from this talk.

Ever since I’ve always thought ways I can improve my life. Every which way. In these youtube clip, the two of them discuss a lot of different techniques, obstacles and anecdotes about what it takes to be creative. Here are some of my notes.

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